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Director Camera-operator Prodcucer

Melanie Gärtner (*1981) is an anthropologist, journalist and filmmaker. Since 2003 she has traveled around the world, discovering different places – especially in Western Africa. In her films, photography and articles she has documented what bothers people in other parts of the world. From 2009 to 2012 she spent many months in Ceuta and followed the stories of Blade Cyrille, Babu and Sekou … to Spain, France and to Mali.


Christine Niehoff is an artist and film editor. She received an MFA from Goldsmiths College in London. After 11 years in the UK she moved to Berlin in 2008 where she now lives and works. Her experience in film editing is mostly in art house film, and she has worked for Robert Bramkamp and Harun Farocki, among others.

Music / graphics

Ludwig Kuckartz (*1971) has lived in Aachen, Eupen, Kingston upon Hull, Maastricht und Thessaloniki and, since 2004, in Cologne. He is a freelancer, a video artist and musician. He received a Bachelor of Arts in video arts at Akademie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht. He then taught video art there. Before that he was an Erasmus Student (Humberside University of Fine Arts Kingston upon Hull), a Greek language student (Aristoteles Universitat Thessaloniki) and a trainee (On Air Design WDR Köln).

Sound editing

Tobias Schinko(*1983) has always been an attentive listener. While studying “Media System Design” at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, he worked as a sound engineer in various film and TV formats. He now works both nationally and internationally as a sound recording technician and supports post-production as a sound editor.

Colour correction

Jakob Jaenicke (*1984) is an apprentice in media design, image and sound. He studied 4 terms of medieval and modern history, historical anthropology and philosophy. After several apprenticeships and the years of training he is now nearing the completion of his education. In addition, he is active in the non-profit cultural organization “das könICHreich”, which he also co-founded.

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